Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Feature -- This Will Never Get Old

Here on DSD, we have previously discussed some of the highlights of dog-ownership.

Indeed, along with highlights, there are also some pitfalls.  For example, Matt and I can only fondly remember our halcyon pre-dog weekend mornings of lazing in bed till almost noon.  Now, our furry alarm clock makes sure we wake up the same time on Saturday and Sunday as any other day of the week... which leads to a favorite game of mine, called "Playing Possum," in which I pretend to be asleep until Matt wakes up and takes him out.  Granted, waking up Matt takes only slightly longer than it took to build the transcontinental railroad, so some patience is required.  (Marriage is not for the faint of heart).

Indeed, early AM wake ups aren't Mitchell's only specialty.  He also has an innate knack for puking in the least opportune places.  Our entire house has hardwood floors.  Seriously, we own about 30 square feet worth of rugs in a 1600 square foot house.  Yet, every time Mitchell has yakked in the last year, he has deposited his gastric bounty on some sort of carpeted surface.  We might as well be buying stock in Resolve carpet cleaner, as much as we go through.

Nonetheless, Mitchell brings us great joy, in terms of his love and affection, loyalty, hilarious antics, etc... BUT, let's focus on what's really important -- his physical appearance.  Mitchell is incredibly handsome, and that handsomeness is especially set-off by his four white paws and white tail tip.  I kid you not when I say that Matt and I mention four-white-paws-and-white-tail-tip almost daily in conversation. 

Four white paws and white tail tip -- that will never get old!

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