Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Feature -- This Will Never Get Old

Welcome to this week's Friday Feature.

Today, I want to recognize my Android phone as being continually awesome.

As a medical student, I had classmates with smart phones...they were so slick and shiny, so useful for problem-solving on the go, so emblematic of post-modern coolness.

Obviously, I was desperate for one... But, they were expensive.  And I was a medical student -- which is to say, broke.  Well, broke implies having no money, whereas what I actually had was *negative money*, in the form of tons of med school debt.

As such, I couldn't justify adding an additional $100 on my monthly loan bill for a smart phone.  So, I made due with a really dumb phone... no Internet, no texting, a broken antenna, a spotty battery, the whole deal.  All the while, I promised myself that as soon as I got a job (started residency), I'd get a smart phone.

Three years pass, and the day finally comes.

I've had my Droid for 10 months now, and I remain continually in awe of all of its features and the myriad ways it has both simplified and enhanced my daily routine. 

Having a smart phone...That Will Never Get Old.

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  1. After a long hard week at work, getting out of the car yesterday and dropping said 'smart phone' on the pavement and smashing the 'awesome screen' was not a good result. Especially after recently cancelling the insurance policy. That will definitely get old.