Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As we round the 4.5 month mark of our hall bath renovation project, Matt and I were finally feeling like we'd made some good progress.  We thought the finish line was in sight.

That is, until we made a list of everything remaining to be done:

-Buy shower curtain and rod
-Install shower curtain
-Hammer-in trim nails and putty over
-Select corner trim
-Install corner trim
-Select baseboards
-Install baseboards
-Patch closet walls
-Buy trim for closet shelf supports
-Reinstall closet shelves
-Paint closet and shelves
-Unclog shower drain
-Clean bathtub
-Patch drywall around light switch
-Tape edges for painting
-Prime/paint white elements
-Touch-up paint gray elements
-Hang fixtures
-Hang storage shelf

1 comment:

  1. The list seems to be mostly 'finishes' so you must nearly be there. Looking forward to seeing the completed photos - how did the grouting go?