Monday, April 18, 2011

Managing Expectations

A lot of being a successful doctor is managing the expectations of your patients.

It is important to say things like:
"after your surgery, you will have pain."
"after your surgery, you will have to get out of bed and work with Physical Therapy."
"after your surgery, you will not be allowed to eat Bojangles Atomic Chicken strips on post-op day 1."

Despite our best efforts at expectation management, patients all too often seem to arrive to the hospital thinking they are about to go on the health-care equivalent of a 7 day cruise.

We hear a lot of things like:
"Can I have another drink?  A Sprite?  No, a Ginger Ale.  Wait, definitely a Ginger Ale, but if it isn't Canada Dry, then actually I want a Diet Coke."
"Do you guys have a long-distance code in here?  I have to call my cousin in Albuquerque.  I haven't talked to that guy in months."
"Would you trim my toenails.  They are nasty."

Given this apparent confusion, all I'm saying is, Do We Really Need TOWEL ANIMALS!?????!?!??!

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  1. Margaret REALLY liked this post. She cried she was laughing so hard.

    (from Tom, signed in as Margaret since she is still crying from laughing).