Saturday, February 26, 2011

Craigslist (Mis)adventures

Given the new arrivals, Matt and I are selling our old living room furniture on Craigslist.

In theory, this service is awesome, right? You have some--let's face it--junk that you want to get rid of, so you post it on the Internet and then someone will come to your house to take it away for you, and pay you for the opportunity. Awesome!

Now, much as with real-life, I feel a lot of pressure to say a lot of meaningful things when I post on Craigslist. But there really isn't much fodder for waxing poetic about books on floral arranging, a TV stand, or some red shoes that didn't fit.

So, I was quite pleased after crafting this literary stunner:

Gorgeous wood and glass coffee table with two matching side tables for sale.

Glamorous curved legs with inset detail.

Very sturdy. Large enough for a big room, but glass tops keep the set feeling light and airy.

Set is in good condition, but does have some minor scratches and one small chip in the glass. I can send additional pictures of these via email. Would be fine as is, or could be sanded/painted for a new look.

Side tables: 21" tall x 22" x 26"

Coffee table: 16" tall x 36" x 36"

$60 for all three.

However, as pleased as I was to have come up with all this stuff to say, I was equally and oppositely DISpleased to receive the following email 20 minutes later:

I would be interested in the coffee table and two side tables. Please E-Mail me with more info!

NO. I can't email you with more info...because THERE IS NO MORE INFO. What more info do you want???? To hear that the wood that comprises these tables was ethically sourced from the arboreal forests of Gabon by a village woman named Idena who has four children and enjoys swimming in the river when she's not busy mounting her one-woman deforestation campaign??? BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW.

All I'm saying is, you wouldn't email James Joyce being like, "Ulysses is a good novel and all, but could you give me a little more info?"

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