Sunday, May 23, 2010


Evidence shows that goals which are written, and--better yet--shared, are more likely to be achieved than non-written goals.

As such, Matt and I felt excited to discuss and document some of our goals.

We tried to focus our goals in 4 areas: Personal, Professional, Financial, & Family. As an organizational strategy, we made short-term goals (one year), mid-term goals (six years, to coincide with the end of my residency training), and long-term goals.

We tried to keep our goals manageable and not write too many...our thought is, it's better to write a small number of goals and achieve them, then write more even-bigger goals, rather than pick too many right away and become discouraged.

Setting long-terms goals was a particular challenge to us, since we don't really know what we're doing with our lives...I don't know what kind of Urology I want to practice, or even whether I want to stay in academic medicine versus go into private practice...and Matt feels similarly about his law career. So, our long-term goals are sparse now, but we are looking forward to filling them in as our future becomes more clear.

GOALS (2010-2011)

One Year Goals
    • Jessica: Exercise at least twice per week throughout intern year
    • Matt: Form new band
    • Matt: Workout 2+ times per week
    • Both: Take Mitchell to dog park at least twice/month
    • Both: Save at least $XXX every month (aim for $XXXX)
    • Jessica: Read educational material for at least 12 minutes per day, 5x/week
    • Matt: Have a trial of my own
    • Matt: Have my own client
    • Jessica: Walk Mitchell or eat dinner with Matt at least 2x/week
    • Matt: Devise and implement floral landscaping plan for our house
    • Both: Learn to play tennis

Six Year Goals
    • Jessica: Run 2nd marathon during research year
    • Matt: Record an album of original music in a recording studio
    • Matt: Assemble a custom bass guitar
    • Jessica: Finish residency with at least $XXk in savings
    • Matt: Have at least $XXk in dedicated retirement savings
    • Matt: Earn raises equal to at least $XXk above starting salary
    • Jessica: Read and study strategically to pass the American Board of Urology licensing exam
    • Jessica: Publish 5 articles during residency
    • Matt: Be on the 'partner track'
    • Both: Renovate/update kitchen and both bathrooms
    • Both: Host get-together at our home at least once per month
    • Both: Plan big vacation to celebrate the end of residency

Long-term Goals
    • Both: Have decent furniture and establish an appealing design aesthetic
    • Jessica: be financially able to retire by age 55
    • Matt: pay off student loans by age 36
    • Jessica: become an attending physician
    • Both: Budget for and find a professional housekeeper/cleaner
    • Both: Acquire a papillon. Name it 'Shoelace'

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