Saturday, May 29, 2010

Call Me a Puritan

I've had it...too much of popular music today is just plain vulgar.

Case in point: Rihanna's current hit song, 'Rude Boy.'

Haven't heard it? Well, just follow this link. (Yes, Mom...It's YouTube. Just follow the link. There's a first time for everything.)

A lyrical sampling:
Come here rude boy / boy can you get it up / Come here rude boy / boy is you big enough / Take it, take it / Baby, baby / Take it, take it / Love me, love me / Tonight I'mma give it to you harder / Tonight I'mma turn your body out / Relax Let me do it how I wanna / If you got it I need it / And I'mma put it down

A delightful, subtle take on young romance, right? Yeah -- about as subtle as Elton John at a Gay Pride Parade.

(I didn't actually mean this kind of 'Parade')

Why does this song bother me? Well, it's obscene. It's lewd. But, I think the worst thing is it's so completely stupid. There is nothing remotely clever, thoughtful, or even interesting about this song. It's just S-E-X in your face...

I mean, sex is considered an intimate act for a reason...there is something personal and inherently mysterious about it that shouldn't be shrugged off like it doesn't matter. Rihanna, if you--as an artist--are going to sing about sex on the radio, why don't you package it with a little clever innuendo or at least a double-entendre here and there? Make us think about it a little...

Because, you know what, Rihanna -- your crude song is cheapening sex for the rest of us.

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