Friday, March 11, 2011

As promised...disgusting Tupperware

Recall when I said that Matt has a bad habit of leaving old Tupperware containers in his car, with bits of food that then rot and congeal?

Coincidentally enough, as I was writing that very blog post, there were such Tupperwares sitting in Matt's car!

I discovered these beauties yesterday, on the floor of the garage.  It was not clear if they had fallen out of the car by accident or if Matt had purposely removed them, but then pointedly decided not to bring them inside as some sort of final insult.

In any case, I have previously told Matt that I was not going to be the person who eventually opens and cleans these automotive stink bombs.  After these particular Tupperwares sat on the counter for a day, I re-reminded him of my policy.  You do the crime, you pay the time, as I always say.  Well, seems like right now, Matt is not so much 'paying the time,' but rather 'scampering around on bail, enjoying the slow-moving nature of the hulking American justice system' ... because he sure as heck hasn't touched these containers.

 You may ask, why not just throw them away?  Indeed, not an unreasonable option.  However, these guys are recyclable.  And I have some sort of pathological inability to throw any recyclable object into the regular trash. send something to be recycled in Durham, it has to be clean. Sometimes you just can't win...

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