Thursday, July 22, 2010

White Coat Pockets

As an intern, you must travel light but be prepared for anything.

Thus, our white coat pockets are jam-packed with all kinds of essentials.

Here is what I found when I unpacked the 3 pockets of my white coat:

-Resident Survival Guide
-Maxwell's Pocket Medicine
-'Important Numbers' memo book
-Alcohol swabs
-Blood draw tourniquet
-Silk tape
-Prescription pad
-Vasoactive drugs reference card
-Diabetes management reference card
-Laminated Duke phone directory card
-Size small gloves (1 pair)
-Patient list
-Note paper with random patient info
-ID Card
-3 paper clips
-2 pens
-1 highlighter
-4x4 gauze pads
-2x4 gauze pads
-Sweet note Matt wrote for me
-Post-It notes
-Dunkin' Donuts sugar packet
-One dime

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