Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Castle!

A man is the king of his castle. That much is undisputed. But how can a man truly feel like a king when he is relegated to cleansing himself each day with a shower head installed at a height between his belly button and sternum? He cannot!

Pictured: A shower head for peasants

A "master" bathroom deserves a masterful shower head, so I quested over to the local home improvement store and slew a mighty shower head with a mere card sized bit of plastic and brought its carcass home for mounting. BEHOLD WHAT MY TERRIBLE WRATH HAS WROUGHT!

It's good to be King.

A glorious brushed metal shower head with selectable output speeds and, most importantly, an upper vestige level with my own royal head now hangs proudly in the master bath. No more shall I stoop like the serfs gathering their miserable harvests. Instead I shower while standing straight, as I am due by my divine right. One must only look upon this shower head to know that, in addition to my mastery of my castle, I am truly a just and beneficent ruler. My fair Queen is so lithe and dainty that the great heights of the upper shower head escape her grasp. Knowing this, I selected a shower head that will allow for a selection of water flow from both a Kingly height, and a lower level perfect for my Queen, thus preserving peace and tranquility in all the realm.

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