Thursday, August 5, 2010

Someone steal my pager...I'm begging you.

Got the following hilarious page from my Chief Resident on Vascular Surgery, regarding a patient whose operation I was scheduled to assist with:

JLlo -- unfortunately, your patient presented to preop with confusion and new o2 requirement -- case cancelled. sorry! (it wasn't because he heard you would be operating on him)

This page was obviously more entertaining than some other electronic gems I received today, such as:

So-and-so, rm ####: Pt also is complaining of indigestion following lunch. XXXX, RN.


Rm ####, Pt So-and-so. patient states that his Right foot hurts worse than it did prior to surgery. he states that "the doctor didn't fix anything!" thanks, XXXX, RN.

Obviously, I hate my pager.

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